The 3 Best Platforms To Build Your First Supplements Store Online


Selling supplements online is a profitable business, according to the many who have been marketing these items for quite some time now. Many of them, including myself, started selling supplements and other nutritional products on eBay and Amazon. While ‘stores’ on these two platforms were easy to set-up, there were also downsides.

There is a highly visible market competition on eBay and Amazon. These sites automatically compare your products to similar items on the platform, and you have to make sure your price it right to get noticed.

Another disadvantage of selling medications and supplements online is the fact that there are articles and blogs on the Internet that tells most people that what we’re selling are counterfeit products. It hurts our business because people thinks we’re just crooks making money by selling fake supplements online. Little did they know that we’re just business-minded people selling authentic supplements to make a living.

Transition to E-commerce Platforms

We still recommend staying visible within the sites mentioned above. However since selling on these markets are a little disadvantageous to our business in general, most sellers choose to set up their stores using different e-commerce platforms. These sites reduce the visual competition since what we’re setting up is a dedicated website for our products, and the bashing that what we’re selling are fake.

In case you’ve been enticed to make money online by selling supplements, like me, here are the top three platforms where you can set-up an online store.

1. Shopify

Price: $9-299
If you’re looking for an easy setup, Shopify is the top choice. It has a very useful dashboard area that allows a smooth experience in adding products and personalizing the look of your site. When adding products, you’ll notice there will be information about each field. Hence, you won’t or rarely find yourself lost. Their themes and templates are great, too and there are numerous apps and widgets you can add to your site for support. Shopify is also known for handling high traffic, which means that even if your business blows up bigger than you expected, your site can manage it well. If there are gray areas, their customer support is available round-the-clock.

2. 3dCart

Price: $19.99-99.99
When we first saw 3dCart, the platform looked pretty basic. Some reviews even do not recommend signing up with this platform. However, we’re pleased with how they greatly improved. Their interface is now almost comparable to Shopify, as their home page boasts: they’re an all-in-one eCommerce solution. The site is very impressive, and customer support is 24/7. They even have built-in marketing tools to assist your business, and you won’t need any coding knowledge.

3. Big Cartel

Price: $0-29.99
Big Cartel may not as virtually user-friendly as Shopify and 3dCart, but you won’t lose your way in setting up your store online. While it may not be as appealing, the interface is pretty straightforward. Your dashboard sits to the left of your screen, though somehow minimalist in approach. Available themes are pretty basic, too. Hence, with some coding knowledge, you should be okay.

You can try these platforms for a month, free of charge. See which one fits your needs best. These are great sites to personalize your selling experience and impress your buyers to keep on purchasing your supplements.